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Post by sailorpandabear on Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:33 pm

here's her profile.
Note: it can be found on deviantart. I am tanithlipsky there.

About the Girl
Name: Qiang Zhumei
Name Meaning: strong bamboo girl
Nickname: Mei Zhu - means beautiful bamboo in Chinese or Mei ni, which simply means beautiful girl in chinese.
Age: 14
Birthday: 4 April

Eyes: wide, blue eyes with day dreamy look
Hair: messy, white, shoulder length( if without buns). if with buns, above her neck and still messy.
Skin: fair and freckled
Height: 168 cm, 5 feet 6 inches
Weight: 64 kg, 141 pounds

Distinguishing Marks or Traits: she has thick eyebrows and thick eyelashes. She also always puts fuchsia pink lipstick on her lips and on her back is a tattoo of a Giant Panda

Blood Type: AB
Sun Sign: Aries
Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
Likes: pandas, conservation of animals, bamboo shoots, the colors black and white and the number 40
Dislikes: poachers, animals being endangered, Animal abusers, Animals being abused and irritating people
Strongest Subject: Biology
Weakest Subject: Physical Education
skills: is bilingual. Knows: Japanese and Chinese.

Personality: She is shy, lazy, sometimes, she likes to act cute, sometimes proud of her beauty( meaning: vain), is hot-tempered and does not like to be irritated. She can be a bit eccentric and speak to bamboo plants. (Don't ask why she does that or she will punch you!)

Note: Despite being lazy, she has a brother named ( Sheng Li( his name means victorious)). He knows Kung-fu and practices it daily. He "forces" her to do Kung-fu daily and so, that is how she keeps fit.

Personal History: She is the daughter of a middle-class family in China. As a kid, she got lost during a family trip and she realized that the pandas had an affinity with her. One of the pandas glowed with black and white lights and created the brooch for her. It also gave her her memories of being the sailor senshi and princess of Xiong Mao.

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Panda
Realm of Influence: Bamboo and Giant panda

Transformation Phrase: Xiong Mao star power, make up!
Transformation Item: Panda head brooch-a brooch which looks like a panda's head
Transformation Sequence: She throws up her brooch and yells the words to begin her transformation. Black and white stars are emitted from the brooch, then a dark gray ribbon whirls around her body. As this happens she smiles and the black and white stars turn into her bodice, gloves and shoes... along with the dark gray ribbon that has spun around her body. Then, the brooch settles on her front ribbon and she makes a V for Victory sign.

Symbol: a panda's head (Giant Panda, to be exact)
Colors: black, dark gray and white

Powers: Panda bears, bamboo and the power of Xiong Mao

She has no planetary symbol on her head, no choker, no tiara and no earrings. Her normally unruly white hair is still unruly, but some of it has been put into buns that are covered by black fabric and they resemble panda ears. she has a totally black collar with no stripes. Her bodice is white and she has no sleeves. Her brooch, which resembles a panda's head, resides in the middle of a dark gray ribbon on the front. Her gloves are above her elbows and each glove is black and has three dark gray padding layers. She wears a skirt which consists of two layers, the top is dark gray and the bottom is black. The back bow is big and black. She has black high-heeled shoes.
Weapons: Starlight Bamboo Fargesia Rufa
Items: Bamboo( also her weapon)

Fighting Style: kung fu

Physical attacks
First Attack Name: Panda Bamboo crusher (Offensive)
First Attack Appearance: she uses a bamboo to crush her enemies
First Attack Effect/Damage: she crushes her enemy.
First Attack Accuracy: 50-60 percent accurate, except for cases of the enemy being stronger than her or if she is lazy...

Second Attack Name: Panda Jawbreaker! (Offensive)
Second Attack Appearance: she bites someone( on the legs, arms, ears or even the nose!)
Second Attack Effect/Damage: bite wounds, minor.
Second Attack Accuracy: 15 - 25percent. Sometimes, she misses. But it does irk an enemy.
They may be minor but they cause pain and blood to spill. Plus, it is also a great distraction!

Third Attack Name: Panda punch! (Offensive)
Third Attack Appearance: she punches someone
Third Attack Effect/Damage: It makes her enemies unconscious or breaks their jaws
Third Attack Accuracy: 70 percent
On one hand, certain enemies can be knocked unconscious. Well, on the other hand, breaking jaws can leave an enemy still...conscious or in pain.

Magical abilities: from weakest to strongest

Panda head Fear!
appearance and effect:Think of illusions. This phrase when spoken, activates an astral head of a Panda, yowling, growling , looking angry and fierce. This frightens the enemy.
accuracy:10-15 percent... depends on how much this intimidates the enemy.

Panda Princess Staff...shield!
appearance and effect:she speaks these words and begins to spin her Starlight Bamboo Fargesia Rufa. this then creates a shield of bamboo sticks which lasts for 10-15 minutes.
accuracy:well, this depends on the situation.

Duodecad Panda Army evocation!
appearance and effect:Think of wildlife. This attack, when spoken... summons an army consisting of a dozen Magical Panda Bears( which are each twice as strong as normal earth Panda Bears) which charges at an enemy. Deals a lot of damage...
accuracy:65-75 percent ( depending on how strong the enemy is) or even a 100 percent( if she is lucky). But...sometimes it can be zero if an unnaturally strong enemy wipes out all the pandas with one or two attacks.


Xiong Mao grand Princess Aura!
appearance and effect:she stands , looking at her enemy with resoluteness. she screams this attack and after a second, her aura ( black and white in colour),covers an enemy, either severely injuring or killing it.
accuracy:80-99 percent.( i left 1 percent off due to her weakness , as seen below)
Note; this attack is a last-resort as it makes her faint ( she will be unconscious for hours) after she uses it. Thus, despite being her strongest attack, it can also be said to be her weakest.
Strongest powers:

Panda Summoning!- this phrase makes a giant panda appear in front of the enemy. can serve as a distraction or attack. 20 -35 percent

ability: she can turn into a panda( at will)( this ability lasts for ten minutes minimum and fifteen minutes maximum. It also can only be used twice a day. if she uses it more than that, she can either fall into a coma , go mad or die)

Sailor History: She comes from a star called Xiong Mao. She is the Princess Ferre Pulchra ( second in line to the throne to be exact) of it, but she was kicked out of the planet due to laziness and was reincarnated by the head priestess ( who was named Ailuropoda Ursidae). Her planet was never atttacked by any minions of Chaos, until Galaxia came into the picture. When Galaxia attacked her planet, she decided to join Eternal Sailor Moon's side.

She is younger than Usagi by two years.

1. ferre pulchra= beautiful bear in latin

Mission: To protect all Panda bears from poachers and to help the efforts of those trying to save the Pandas. She also helps Sailor Moon some times. (When she feels like it)


star of power: Xiong Mao( a star I made up( it is the chinese word for panda))
year of creation: 2010
reason why i say her story is not fleshed out yet is because i have a beginning for her but not an end.
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