Who is your favorite Sailor Moon character?

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Who is your favorite Sailor Moon character?

Post by TS Sailor Cronus on Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:51 am

It's the question every Sailor Moon fan is dying to know about you, and the answer you're dying to share with everyone. Who are your favorite characters in the Sailor Moon world? While you're at it, how about answering a few other questions, so we get a better idea of what kind of characters you like?

1) Name your favorite Senshi (or knight).

2) Name your favorite non-senshi character. If she could be a Senshi (or he a Knight), what kind of powers would that character have?

3) Which character are you most like?

Feel free to add other special notes like that. For instance, if you have made an OC Senshi, which canon Senshi (if any) was your inspiration?

TS Sailor Cronus
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Re: Who is your favorite Sailor Moon character?

Post by TS Midnight Raven on Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:25 am

1) SAILOR V! (Not so much Venus)

2) I really like Motoki.  I think if he was a knight he would throw game tokens and people... or claw machine plushies. *Throws Sailor V plush* Take that.

3) I am the most like... *Looks around nervously* Sailor V.  I am way expressive and a wonderful showmen.  But I don't always have the right words when I am trying to say something. ^^

TS Midnight Raven
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