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Post by TS Sailor Cronus on Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:30 pm

The cast of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is huge-- full of heroes, villains, friends, and even animals. Below is a starter list of important characters to acquaint yourself with in case you're not entirely familiar with the stories. However this is not an extensive list, as there are countless more to be found in the manga, musicals, anime, and other versions of the series. Details included in bios are from the manga series. Be aware that there will be spoilers.

Beautiful Soldier Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Character Bios -under construction Moon10

Civilian name: Tsukino Usagi
Bio: Tsukino Usagi is the main character of every Sailor Moon series, from the manga to the anime to the musicals. In her previous life, she was Princess Serenity of the kingdom on the moon, and in the future she is destined to become Neo Queen Serenity, ruler of the Earth. Though she can be a clutz and a crybaby, she has a strong and pure heart which reaches out with love to all who surround her, whether friend or foe. As Sailor Moon, she is the keeper of the most powerful jewel in existence, the Legendary Silver Crystal, giving her powerful attacks of love and healing abilities granted by her former Moon Kingdom. Her future destiny is confirmed when she meets her daughter Chibi-Usa from the future and visits Crystal Tokyo of the 30th century. She is widely considered to be the most powerful Sailor Senshi in the universe.

Sailor Venus
Sailor Moon Character Bios -under construction Venus11

Civilian name: Aino Minako
Bio: Sailor Moon may be the most powerful Sailor Senshi in the universe, but this charming young lady came first! With a slightly different uniform and her signature red mask, she was once known as Sailor V, and she worked solo for about a year before meeting Usagi and the rest of the team. In her former life, she was the leader of the team of Senshi who protected the princess. Her athletic abilities and powers of love and beauty leave any foe stunned, making her a most powerful ally for Sailor Moon-- assuming she doesn't get distracted by a hot-looking gentleman!

Sailor Mercury
Sailor Moon Character Bios -under construction Mercur10

Civilian name: Mizuno Ami
Bio: Sailor Mercury might not be as powerful as other senshi, but she makes up for it with her sharp intellect. In fact, Mizuno Ami is a national-level chess player and always tops the charts in her school with her top grades, guided by her IQ rumored to be 300. The strategist of the team, Sailor Mercury weilds the power of ice and can even remotely sense where to find water.

Sailor Mars
Sailor Moon Character Bios -under construction Mars10

Civilian name: Hino Rei
Bio: Rei works at her grandfather's Hikawa Shrine and has the mysterious powers of ESP. The senshi of fire, this hard worker meets every challenge with fearless determination. When a new enemy makes an appearance, Sailor Mars is often the first one to know, alerting her friends to danger so they can devise a plan to face and defeat the foe.

Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Moon Character Bios -under construction Jupite10

Civilian name: Kino Makoto
Bio: The senshi of thunder, Sailor Jupiter is impressively strong. Balancing this brute strength is a gentle young maiden who loves gardening and cooking. This no-nonsense fighter will stop at nothing to win any battle in the name of her princess and her friends-- not even a heart broken by a previous lover!

Tuxedo Mask
Sailor Moon Character Bios -under construction Tuxedo10

Civilian name: Chiba Mamoru
Bio: Tuxedo Kamen (aka Tuxedo Mask) is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity's former lover on Earth, Prince Endymion. Together he and Serenity saw the end of the Moon Kingdom when the jealous Queen Beryl attacked his lover and he jumped in the way to protect her. Heartbroken, Princess Serenity killed herself, and together she and her loved ones were reborn on Earth in the 20th century. Luckily, the lovers were reunited, and despite Queen Beryl's repeated attempts to sever their relationship, true love endured and defeated her. With his powers of the Earth and telemetry, Mamoru is able to discern recent activity by touching things or even people. In the future, his destiny is to become the husband of Neo Queen Serenity and to rule the Earth by her side as King Endymion. Just like Sailor Moon has a group of soldiers to protect her, Tuxedo Kamen is attended by the Shitennou (the Four Heavenly Kings), his friends and followers of his previous life as the prince of Earth.

The Four Heavenly Kings
Sailor Moon Character Bios -under construction Four-k10

Names (left to right): Jedite, Nephrite, Zoicite, Kunzite
Bio: The Shitennou (Four Heavenly Kings) once served Prince Endymion, but when they were reborn on Earth of the 20th century in search of their master, they were enslaved by Queen Beryl. They were restored through the power of Sailor Moon's Legendary Silver Crystal and her love for Endymion, and since then they have resumed their positions in service of Tuxedo Kamen whenever he has need of them.

Sailor Pluto
Sailor Moon Character Bios -under construction Pluto10

Civilian name: Meioh Setsuna
Bio: This lonely senshi of time dutifully stood guard in front of the Door of Time in the 4th Dimension for millenia before Sailor Moon met her. The close friend of Small Lady Serenity, she watched the royal family of Crystal Tokyo from afar with longing, until fate opened the door for her to fight as a Sailor Senshi alongside Sailor Moon. When her dear friend Small Lady-- corrupted into the form of Black Lady, servent of Wise Man-- and Prince Demande stole the Legendary Silver Crystals of both the 30th and 20th centuries, endangering the fate of the world, she sacrificed herself to stop the flow of time, which was the ultimate taboo, in order to give Sailor Moon and Venus a chance to take the two crystals away. Despite her noble sacrifice, she was reborn and sent back to the 20th century to join Uranus and Neptune and eventually Sailor Moon to continue battling as a Sailor Senshi.

Sailor Chibi-Moon
Sailor Moon Character Bios -under construction Chibim10

Civilian identity: Tsukino Usagi, also known as Chibi-Usa
Bio: This little maiden is older than she looks-- well over 900 years old! Born to Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion of Crystal Tokyo and nicknamed Small Lady "SL" Serenity by her mother, she was mysteriously forced to stop growing at a very young age, making her susceptible to ridicule by her peers, as well as turbulent emotions and feelings of inadequacy. She stole her mother's Legendary Silver Crystal and escaped an attack on the Crystal Palace by time travelling into the 20th century in search of the invincible Sailor Moon for help. Falling victim to Wise Man's persuasion, she became Black Lady through his power and her desire to become a grown woman. When Sailor Pluto sacrificed herself to save everyone, her love for her only friend unsealed the mysterious power suppressing her, restoring her ability to age and grow and providing her the power to become Sailor Chibi Moon.
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