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Senshi: Titan Soldier Sailor Cronus Empty Senshi: Titan Soldier Sailor Cronus

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Senshi: Titan Soldier Sailor Cronus Kitti_s_tragic_love_by_kitti606-d606f1h

Name: Kitti Teriana
Meaning: "Kitty the harvester"
Age: 16
Birthday: December 9
Height: 5'6"
Favorite colors: violet, silver, and yellow
Favorite foods: spicy tuna sushi, chocolate
Least favorite food: radishes
Best class: literature
Worst class: math
Job: works part-time tutoring students in English, literature, and history
Hobbies: reading, collecting decorative ornaments and figures, latch hook
Strengths: honesty, listening
Weakness: easily startled
Fear: heights
School: Ascauga Lake City Academy
Family: her brother, Marc
Pets: none, unless you count Helene
Closest friend: Samantha
Dream: to open her own bookstore

Senshi: Titan Soldier Sailor Cronus June-02

Power and virue: stars and destiny
Symbol:  Cronus  or  Like a Star @ heaven
Guardian: Helene (nekomata)
Unique talent: restoration of mind-control victims

Transformation brooch: This appeared from a jewel in her necklace when she met Helene. It is the source of her powers.

Heart button in hair: Guides her with a sixth sense, warning her of danger. It also helps her to see things which are hidden, such as someone being controlled by an enemy.

Crocus Amethyst: A jewel in her belt, which is the source of many of her weapons and attacks. It is an amethyst set in a silver crocus.

- Crystal Ray Restoration: Sailor Cronus can fire a beam of violet-colored energy which restores victims of mind control.
- (Next power unknown)

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TS Sailor Cronus
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