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RULES of the writing forum Empty RULES of the writing forum

Post by TS Sailor Cronus on Sun Oct 16, 2016 10:17 am

Welcome to the writing forum, where you can show off your fanfics and original writing. The writing forum is divided into three subforums:

- Original Fiction is where you can post your own original writing.
- Fan Fiction is where you post fan fiction, be it Sailor Moon, crossovers, or other fandoms.
- Poetry and Song is where you post your own orginal poetry or song lyrics.

The only non-fiction writing allowed in this forum is instructional writing where you can give tips on how to write, or you can recommend websites and literature for others, all of which belong in the main writing forum. In other words, this section is for writing about writing.

1. NEVER submit writing which isn't your own. This should go without saying, but don't claim any writing that doesn't belong to you. If your writing is a collaboration with other authors, be sure to list all authors involved.

2. Don't submit criticism if it isn't asked for.

3. If you are looking for critique of your writing, be sure to post [CW] (for "critique wanted") at the beginning of your subject line.

4. If critiquing is desired, always provide constructive criticism. "Constructive" means building UP another person through feedback using positive speech, not tearing them down with insults. If you think improvements are necessary, give your opinion in a positive way, not with demeaning language.

5. THIS IS NOT YOUR HOMEWORK HELP HOTLINE. If it's for school, it's not for here.

6. This forum is for completed writing, not for excerpts, links, or story ideas. Ongoing works-in-progress are fine as long as you plan to finish posting them here.

7. It is strongly recommended that you create a separate discussion thread for ongoing stories so you can keep your writing thread organized.
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