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Post by TS Sailor Cronus on Wed Sep 14, 2016 3:15 am

Here I have gathered a few doll generator website links for you, as well as links to specific ones that might be useful to you. Use any of these to brainstorm some ideas for your characters, and you can use them as character images in RPs here on the forums. However, remember that if you want create or commission artwork of your character, you'll need to do it from scratch, rather than copying the dolls.

Rinmaru Games - Avatar Creators and Anime Games.
Candy’s World - Play flash online games, play dress up games, fun decoration games, make up games and more. Play the best online dress up games. Play fun games at Candy’s World. We are constantly bringing out new flash games.
Doll Divine - Come play with the most beautiful dress up games online! I specialize in Fantasy doll makers, but you'll also find fashion, folk and historical games as well as adorable animal makers. Create a look for your fictional characters, envision yourself in a different world, or play fashion designer ~

Doll Maker Code and Drag and Drop Script - Doll maker code and drag and drop script for any web page. One line of code to convert any html page to advanced dress up game - doll maker.
Pixel Doll Tutorials for Newbies- Ninique's Minidollz - New to dolling? Learn to create your own hand drawn pixel dolls with this series of tutorials specially written for newbie dollers.
Flash Dress Up Game Tutorial by KawaiiPandah on DeviantArt - A Flash CS3 Dress up tutorial for those who asked me how I make my games :3 Take in mind you need to have at least a minimum knowledge of Flash to under... Flash Dress Up Game Tutorial

Sailor Senshi Maker 3 ~ dress up Sailor Moon! - Make your own OC Sailor Scout in this Sailor Moon inspired dress up game!
Disney Princess dress up game Princess Maker - The classic dress up game that allows you to create all the Disney-styled princesses your imagination will allow. Now updated with a handsome Prince to pair with your Princess! Create as many characters as you like, arrange them in a fantasy scene, and dress them all up ~

(Will add more soon)

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