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Post by TS Sailor Cronus on Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:29 pm

Have you ever needed a little extra help deciding what type of technology to include in your written universe? Are you having trouble making characters who come off appearing as Mary-Sues? Do you need extra tips for crafting RP characters, building profiles, or coming up with super-powers? Do you REALLY understand the science behind the use of bladed weapons?

I found a fabulous website resource for writers of science fiction and fantasy, fan fiction, original fiction, role plays, and more. Short and easy to read articles are brimming with information just for you on !

Allow me to show you some articles I found particularly interesting in order to get you started. - Teaches you how to get into the correct mindset for writing about wealthy or regal individuals, such as understanding their comfort zones and the types of people they frequently interact with, without burdening your character down with stereotypes. - Shows you how to craft a solid and powerful character without leaning too far on the "Mary-Sue" stereotypes. - Tips on how to write about scientists and other intellectuals. - Is your character a cyborg, or a product of genetic experimentation? Here are realistic ways of presenting your character who is augmented or experimented on.  - Does your writing feature a political or other controversial cover-up? Learn about which methods of cover-ups are effective, and which ones will most likely fail. - How to decide what kind of powers to give your character, as well as determining what can be used as strengths or weaknesses. - Learn how to avoid these common problems in role plays. - Tips on writing original characters or fan characters for your fan-fiction or role play. - Most writers get their information on bladed weapons wrong. Here is how to correct that misinformation.


Just as a useful note I thought I'd add that the articles in question typically do not use gender-specific terms (him/ her/ he/ she) unless a gendered person is named, but instead uses terms like "xir". I don't know how to pronounce them, but they are intended to include both genders. If you're not used to seeing terms like these, it might make it slightly difficult to read or understand, but you'll get used to them quickly.

Have fun, and may your writing improve-- or at least your understanding of it!  Smile

(Note: This thread is duplicated in the Tyndall Woods Theater forum under the title RESOURCES: RPers and Writers)
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