Crystal Shard Senshi Quest Signup

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Crystal Shard Senshi Quest Signup

Post by Luna on Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:22 am

The streets of Otaku Senshi City are crowded, and you gaze in wonder at the buildings which rise high above you from every angle. Though you have already wandered through the forums here and there previously, and even spoken to some people, today you have decided to take a dedicated tour of as much of the city as you can take in. The chattering voices, the sounds and music, and the dazzling lights seem to fill you with almost dizzying excitement as you scan the scene, wondering where your first stop should be.

Almost instantly your eyes land on a building with a four winged eagle at the front and topped with a crown. Across the crown is written "Senshi Quest". You allow your gaze to trail down the building until you see a sign posted in one of the front windows at the ground floor: "For information regarding upgrading your rank from Memory Pearl to Crystal Shard, inquire within."

Your curiousity is piqued. Memory Pearl. You remember hearing somewhere that everyone possesses one, the culmination of treasured, sweet memories of happiness and satisfaction, the motivation to live and thrive every day with purpose. A Crystal Shard, you're pretty sure, is what gives special abilities to someone who owns one, and generally makes life in Otaku Senshi City more fun. Who wouldn't want to have that? you ask yourself as you push open the door and walk inside.

The lobby is empty except for two ladies standing behind a semi-circle marble counter. They are dressed in what you first take as swimsuits with sailor collars attached-- one in pink, and one in bright yellow. As one, they both spot you and squeal in excitement.

"Score! We have another one!" The lady in pink, who wears her lavender hair in long pigtails, claps her hands together rapidly.

"Finally! It was getting, like, sooo yawntastic in here!" The one dressed in yellow, her curly orange hair secured at the top of her head, bounces in place, a huge grin spreading across her face.

Suddenly, they both leap over the counter and run toward you, each extending a hand almost into your face. "Hi! --Hello! --Good to meet you! --Welcome to Senshi Quest!" Their voices are shrill as they speak at the same time excitedly, making it difficult to understand what each one is saying. "My name is Sailor Guccicci! --I'm Sailor Channel! --We run Senshi Quest which is where you-- --and then, like, become a Crystal Shard member of Otaku-- --and believe me, it's totes worth it!-- --transferred here from Tokyo, like, a few years ago-- --we've both OS'ed around here plenty of times-- --lot like cosplay, only way better-- --it's all totes free-- --you'll get the hang of it in a zap! No worries!!"

Without warning, they each snatch one of your arms and drag you to the counter, then plop a stack of papers on it in front of you and shove a pen in your hand. "Just sign your full name here, here, and here-- --your initials in this box-- --today's date-- --your Social Security number-- --current address-- --driver's license-- --ever worked, like, outside of the country-- --mother's maiden name, but that's optional-- --names of the last three pets you owned-- --favorite color-- --make anything up if you've, like, never had pets, it's not actually lying-- --blood type-- --okay, like, it IS technically lying, but-- --bank account number-- what you WOULD name them if you were to, like, adopt any right now-- last movie you saw in theaters-- --and that's when Fluffy ran away-- --school you last attended-- --pretty sure they were her kittens-- --last grade completed-- --figured the neighbors were feeding her better than I was-- --average grades in math-- --so, like, it was a happy ending after all-- --but if you can't remember, you can totes WAG it-- --and you're DONE! Hippy-hooray!"

They snatch the papers away from you, then grab your arms and escort you to a door in the back. "Kitti! We've got newbsauce for you!"

Sitting behind a desk is an older teenager wearing glasses and a denim jacket, her caramel hair pulled up into a ponytail and flowing down over her shoulders. She glances up at you with soft lavender eyes, then accepts the stack of papers being handed to her by the two ladies. "Thank you, girls," she says, setting the papers down in front of her. "So, you've signed up for the Senshi Quest? Pretty exciting, huh?" She flashes a grin at you, skims through the pages quickly, scribbles something on the last page, then places the stack in a small bin on her desk.

"Alright, just to recap what I'm sure Channel and Guccicci have already told you, the Senshi Quest is a series of missions which will direct you around the forums to help you familiarize yourself with Otaku Senshi City. There will be a few mandatory missions, as well as a small number of bonus missions if you want them. You'll be taught things like finding each of the main forums, reading and understanding the rules, learning who all the staff are and what they do, formatting posts and adding images, making friends, posting in role play threads, and other stuff like that. Don't worry, they'll be fairly simple missions, nothing too in-depth or complicated. For every mission you complete in your quest, you will be awarded a collectible Quest Sticker. We actually have a few kinds of collectibles-- regular stickers, holographic stickers, manga panels-- and even a special place to show off all the ones you've earned. When you collect enough Quest Stickers, you'll be eligible for promotion from Memory Pearl rank to Crystal Shard rank, and with that promotion you'll be given more privileges around Otaku Senshi City, such as being allowed to create new threads, play more characters in RPs, participate in more advanced Senshi Quests, and even create new stickers and mini quests for other members to collect and participate in."

Kitti leans back in her seat. "Oh, there's only one more thing for you to do, and you're good to go. Be sure to reply to this topic stating that you would like to start the Senshi Quest, and then Luna will be contacting you shortly to give you your first mission. Be sure to follow all instructions carefully, okay?" She reaches forward and shakes your hand. "Good meeting you. I'll see you again!"

Both of your arms are enveloped once again as you are dragged hastily back through the door and escorted toward the front. "Terrifees! You're on your way to becoming a Crystal Shard member-- --remember when I first did this, I was, like, so totes nervous-- --allow seven to ten business days before-- --and it was all over before I knew it-- --just, like, keep an eye out for stray cats-- --texted my BFF every single detail-- --it'll be over in a snap, I promise!-- --and we'll see you again soon!"

And just like that you're left standing outside the front door, your mind spinning, wondering how you managed to walk in and out of a building and sign so many papers without saying even a single word.

[Reminder: In order to participate in the Senshi Quest, please reply below that you are signing up to advance from Memory Pearl rank to Crystal Shard rank. After you are accepted for Senshi Quest, you will receive a PM from Luna as soon as possible.]

[Admin's note 7/23/17: Because Senshi Quest is still under development, it is not open for members except through invitation only. Please be patient until it is completed and ready to be opened, and do not post in here if you have not received a personal invitation to participate. Thank you.]
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