Got Merch?

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Got Merch?

Post by Luna on Tue Jul 25, 2017 1:37 am

Do you have a book case full of Sailor Moon manga and art books? A box full of old Sailor Moon videos? A closet full of Sailor Moon cosplay costumes? Shelves full of Sailor Moon figures, wands, and brooches? Show off pictures of your collections here, or just talk about what you have and how you got them.

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I'm not an extensive collector, but I have a good amount of Sailor Moon related things all around the house. I have a Sailor Moon cosplay outfit, a Sailor Saturn wall scroll and some figures at my art desk area, and I also have a handmade Sailor Moon transformation brooch from my sister-in-law who makes things out of clay. I just found my Sailor Moon novels I got as a birthday gift from TS Sailor Calypso years ago. Does anybody remember those? I have the first two, never got any of the others, though.

I have pictures of some of my stuff, and I need to take a few more. Remind me to post those sometime soon. Hysterical laughter
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