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Associated and Recommended Websites Empty Associated and Recommended Websites

Post by TS Sailor Cronus on Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:21 pm

Here is just a quick list of websites associated with OSC, as well as some recommended websites for Sailor Moon fans.

Titan Soldier Sailor Cronus(*), where you can read my own otaku senshi fan manga as each page is posted.

Sailor Astera, a great place for tips on creating your very own otaku senshi.

Sailor Senshi Maker, by Drachea Rannak, a doll generator for creating your own otaku senshi.

The Galaxy Cauldron, a Sailor Moon forum community.

Sailor Moon Forum, a Sailor Moon forum community.

TSSC Manga Forums(*), a Sailor Moon forum community.

(*) - refers to associated sites.
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